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Meet Your Board Members

Executive Board

President: Tracy Zerinskas

CO-Vice Presidents: Kim Tresch

Treasurer: Jamie Jensson

Secretary: Regina Tarchala

School Vice Presidents

Ridge VP: Sara Durkee & Allie Simon

Kerkstra VP: Michelle Young & Kristen Spreadbury

Foster VP: Katie Bowman & Ashton King

Hille VP: Dawn Omiecinski & 1 OPEN POSITION

Committee Chairs

Programs Chairperson: OPEN POSITION

Art Chairperson: Kristy Moran

Fundraising Chairperson: Heather Kotnour & Gloria Salem

Dine Out Chairperson: Roberta Siefer

Communications Chairperson: Katie Jacobson

Membership Chairperson: Jamie Garcia

Teacher Representatives

Ridge Teacher Representative: Kasey Keyser

Kerkstra Teacher Representative: Elizabeth Boersma

Foster Teacher Representative: Carmelina DiSabato

Hille Teacher Representative: Christine Michalik & Kristen Siergiej

The district currently provides educational service at four locations:          

Ridge Early Childhood Center                    Early Childhood through Kindergarten 

G. Kerkstra Elementary                              First Grade through Fifth Grade

Lee R. Foster Elementary                          First Grade through Fifth Grade

Jack Hille Middle School                            Sixth Grade through Eighth Grade

PTA Meetings:
1st Thursday of the Month
7pm at Blarney Stone.
All are welcome!

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